Hydrogen Renamer

TL;DR: This script will help you rename the Gantry 5 Hydrogen theme as a starting point for further customizations.

Recently, I’ve been trying out the Gantry 5 – a theme framework for WordPress. One way to get started with theme development using Gantry 5 is to take the default theme, called Hydrogen, rename it and customize it to one’s needs.

The whole renaming process is described here. It takes few steps, which involve unzipping the theme, changing names of files and directories and doing a find and replace for the word “hydrogen” written in few combinations of uppercase and lowercase letters.

I thought that the whole process could be easily automated with a simple Python script that would repack the theme on the fly while doing all the necessary string substitutions in file contents as well as in the paths.

The script is available here on Github. I hope that it will be useful for people willing to develop themes using Gantry 5 framework.

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